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Why Keihls turned to NZ Mānuka honey for their skincare

When Kiehl's and L'Oreal luxury brands wanted the finest premium Manuka as a key ingredient for new product additions to their range they chose Watson & Son. To support the new product launch Kiehl's invited over 80 journalists from publications around the world for a day at the Watson & Son facilities. They all received exclusive access to the honey process, tasted honey, experience the Watson & Son difference and even interacted with beehives. Read Article

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On Location: The East Cape

Driftwood fringed beaches just up against towering cliffs and deserted roads. Spectacular vistas lie around every corner. This is the East Cape. It was here that Captain Cook landed back in the 18th century, and it was also here that some of the first Māori wakas (canoes) landed over eight hundred years ago. New Zealand was one of the last habitable landmasses on earth to remain unpeopled until the arrival of our ancestors. Māori Land Ownership Our partnerships with other Māori landowners are very important to Oha. Traditionally, Māori land was occupied rather than ‘owned’. Ahi-kā-roa in Māori means the long-burning fires of occupation. If a group was strong enough to defend themselves against challenges they could keep their fires...

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